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Veröffentlichungen in: Innovations and Challenges of the Energy Transition in smart City Districts

Unsere Teammitglieder Dr. Michael Schneider und Simon Möller haben zusammen mit Sven Leonhardt einen einleitenden Artikel für den Sammelband „Innovations and Challenges of the Energy Transition in smart City Districts“ geleistet:


In dem selben Sammelband hat Michael Schneider in Zusammenarbeit mit Erik Höhne, Carolin Alippi, Elisabeth Borne und Oliver Scharf einen Beitrag verfasst: „User Centered and Sustainable Local Mobility – A Participatory Approach in the Neighbourhood“.

Summary: With the neighbourhood concept developed in …


Veröffentlichung: Exploring ‘good practice’ densification projects: the impact of green space and density on local acceptance

Abstract: While the ‘compact city’ can provide environmental benefits, densification can result in negative trade-offs at the local scale – e.g. through increases in density and the removal of urban green space – and densification projects are often rejected by locals. This paper explores examples of densification in a compact European city, integrating different stakeholder perspectives from planners as well as neighbours of densification projects. Neighbours do not reject densification per se, but evaluate the …


Veröffentlichung: „A Germany-wide survey of caregiving professionals on climate change and mental health of children and adolescents – factors influencing their relevance rating of extreme weather event associated mental health impairments“

The publication investigates the perceptions of caregiving professionals on the mental health impacts of climate change on children and adolescents, focusing on extreme weather events. It highlights the importance these professionals place on such impacts and the factors influencing their assessments.